Aside from our main focuses, our environmental and community initiatives are very close to our hearts. We believe that preserving the environment for future generations is so important, which is why we try leave as little a footprint as possible. From the soles of our shoes, which are zero waste, to our lighting & water conserving methods.

As we are continually striving to give back to our community, we have made it our mission to donate shoes to children in need. Our most recent endeavor was a huge event where we partnered with a corporate brand donating over 10000 pairs of shoes to vulnerable children. We just want every child to know they’re important.

Additionally we have donated money towards the development of two Hindu temples. The temples we chose to fund are the – Umhlatazana Township Temple & The Haven Side Temple.

The Umhlatazana Township Temple

We have always wanted to give back to the community we came from. Many years ago this is where our family started praying. Our ultimate goal here is to contribute towards the spiritual lives of current & future generations in this area.

The Haven Side Temple

This is the temple we currently attend, and is in a community with whom we are closely associated

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